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Many different spice blends and sauces are manufactured here at our spice shop and offered to you “factory-direct” through the SpokaneSpice.com online store.

It is our intention at Spice Blenders to make this journey as easy and pleasant as we can. So, what we have put together here for you should cover a majority of your cooking situations that will make it as simple as just following the directions on how to use our Spice Blends, whether that would be the Smoked Meat Blends or Fresh Meat Blends. It is through the expertise and precise measurements of ingredients that make our Sauces and Spice Blends so popular.

So please begin the journey here if you have not already and recognize that the quantities and the price are important to go along with the wonderful flavors that are produced right here at Spice Blenders with our own time tested recipes.

Beginning in 1948, Spice Blenders parent company, Michlitch The Spokane Spice Company, began it's foundation for the knowledge that you are receiving today and came into existence when introduced to the world of meat processing at the farm and commercial meat cutting level.

In the last 69 years we have utilized the extensive knowledge gained by experimentation and listening to suggestions and requests from people like you to develop some of the best flavors in the marketplace. Our many Recipes are applicable to most cooking styles from gourmet meals to just snacks. We continue to learn and are always creating new meat Seasoning Blends. We also supply Raw Spices and Custom Blends with which you can use your own imagination.

We encourage you to email us with your questions, comments or suggestions about our products and what you would like to see. We continue to strive to produce the best possible Products and bring them to market at the best possible value.

Spice Blenders is a Factory Direct Provider of flavors and the relationship between our customers and us is very important. We will continue to do all we can to maintain this relationship.

So continue to browse and enjoy our Web Site and please remember we are always interested in any comments or questions that you may have for us.

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