Our Spice Blends turn ordinary meals into gastronomical experiences that will have your family and friends coming back for more.  

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Frequently Asked Questions


What shipping fees can I expect to pay?  You will be able to see just what you would be paying by ordering an item via the online store. You can always cancel your order before actual ordering takes place.—You can be assured that all arrangements have been made here on shipping to help you receive your product at the least shipping rate we can put together for you. It is always a pleasure working with UPS and FED-X as they are reliable with times for delivery and also cost.

How are products shipped and how soon will I get them? They are shipped UPS, FED-X or USPS and your choice of how soon you want them as the price changes with the speed at which you want to receive the items. Your order will be shipped within 5 days of confirmation (check the credit card order) of your order and will depend on what UPS/FED-X or USPS Zone you live in. If you have further questions please send an email to spice blenders info.

Which spice blends are best to use on a pot roast? It is a general rule of thumb that most all the Fresh Blends will take care of your seasoning blends for most all your cooking needs. It is an individual choice of what a roast should taste like. So choosing out of all the Fresh Blends we would definitely go with the Prime Rib, BBQ Seasoning, House Herb or Smokie BBQ and of course Cajun for the majority of the taste buds.

Which spice blends are best to use in making gravy? This is another individual choice but we would recommend the same as you use on the Beef Pot Roast. Prime Rib, Smokie BBQ, House Herb and Cajun.

What other foods can I use various special seasoning blends on? Through our Online Store we invite you to enjoy our special seasoning blends for fresh and smoked meats plus many other foods. You will find that you are going to enjoy a sprinkle or two of your favorite blends on Salads.

How much meat will 1 lb of the Fresh Meat Seasonings flavor? Well this is an interesting question and this is the best way to explain it. If you bought any of the fresh meat blends and just made all that one particular flavor then you would be able to season 25 – 32 lbs of meat. The very interesting thing about this Question is it asks how versatile is the seasoning? That means you are not going to probably make that amount of one kind of meat. Why, you might ask, and the answer is that you are going to learn to use these blends as a sprinkle on your food type seasoning. Now you have opened a whole new territory for your eating pleasure. So be confident in the fact that you are purchasing a seasoning that is very versatile and long lasting and you will entertain your eating companions for many meals.

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